July 4th Crash Victims, Nhung Pham and Lam Nguyen

On July 4th, a member of our community and her mother were seriously injured when an out-of-control pickup truck slammed into them while they were watching fireworks. The incident left both critically injured, Nhung Pham (22 years old) and her mother, Lam Nguyen (44 years old) were rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange and had emergency surgery.

Nhung is in a stable condition having had multiple surgeries including hip, femur, and internal damage, however, her mother is still in critical and has been in a coma with doctors still working on her as we post this.The amount of damage done to her mother is intensive; crushed face, skull damage, brain damage, a broken neck, and all major limbs have been broken. She is currently on a ventilator unable to breathe on her own.We ask for your prayers and wishes during this trying time for the family.

Our Chairman, James Mai is involved and will be lead on this effort as he personally knows the victims. A GoFundMe account has been set up by Mr. Mai for mother and daughter, more details and information can be found here www.aapiunited.com/july.

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